Our LMS And Training Benefits

The Quality Of Our Training

Our training incorporates all aspects of AML/CFT to satisfy the annual training required by local legislation.

They are designed to:

  • ensure all personnel working in specific segments of the financial services industry are trained in the aspects of AML/CFT applicable to them;
  • meet the training requirements of your staff according to their roles and responsibilities;
  • increase employees understanding of their role in maintaining an effective AML/CFT compliance program;
  • incorporate current developments and changes to local legislation and other related regulations;
  • be cohesive with your bankĀ“s internal AML/ CFT policies and procedures and other regulatory requirements;
  • include real world cases using examples of business operating in specific sectors; and 
  • provide you with a certificate upon completion to satisfy regulatory requirements. 

Benefits To You

Our online courses offer you the following benefits:

  • professional training with high impact;
  • high quality content and design;
  • cost effective and best value;
  • flexibility of use on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles phones;
  • open access to complete the course at your convenience;
  • user friendly and easy to use; and
  • engaging and interactive.